SEMLA Invites Applications for the Pauline Shaw Bayne Travel Grant

I. The grant supports portions of the expenses related to attending this year’s annual chapter meeting at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, October, 2023. The application deadline is September 10, 2023.

The Travel Grant may be awarded for up to $500. Reimbursable expenses include: conference registration; lodging for the two nights of the conference (Thursday and Friday) at one-half of the double occupancy rate; subsistence expenses (“Meals and Incidental Expenses”) at the CONUS rate for one full day (Friday) and two partial days (Thursday and Saturday); travel by car/plane/train/bus, generally by the least expensive method. The request for reimbursement must be submitted to the SEMLA Secretary-Treasurer by December 21, 2023.

The grant winner is expected to join SEMLA at the appropriate level prior to attending the conference. Dues are only $5 for students and $15 for others.

Supporting our colleagues’ involvement in the life of the chapter is a priority! Please note that music library paraprofessionals, support staff, and library school students are eligible for this opportunity and are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must reside at the time of the meeting in one of the states or territories comprising SEMLA (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Puerto Rico), and also be in at least one of the following eligible categories:

  1. A graduate library school student (by the time of the conference in October 2022), aspiring to become a music librarian
  2. A recent graduate (within one year of degree) of a graduate program in librarianship who is seeking a professional position as a music librarian;
  3. A music librarian (holding a Master of Library Science degree or qualifications granting an equivalent status at her/his employing institution, e.g., a certified archivist with other graduate degree working extensively with music materials) in the first two years of her/his professional career, or;
  4. A library paraprofessional/support professional working with music materials as a significant portion of his/her job responsibilities.

Applicants in categories 1-3 must not have attended more than one prior SEMLA meeting before applying for the grant. This restriction does not apply to paraprofessionals/support professionals.

II. Applicants must submit the following to arrive by September 10, 2023:

  1. A letter of application that includes an explanation of the reasons for attending the SEMLA annual meeting, a justification of financial need, and a budget. (For those applicants currently working in libraries or archives, justification of financial need must include information that one has sought financial support from one’s employing institution to attend the meeting and that such a request was either denied or insufficiently met);
  2. A current résumé or curriculum vitae;
  3. One letter of support. Where applicable, it should be from a current supervisor.

Hotel accommodations will be funded at the double-occupancy rate (We will provide the single and double room rates here when they are confirmed and made available.), i.e., one-half of the room cost plus taxes.

Send application and supporting materials either electronically (preferred) as Word attachments or via U.S. post (priority mail), to arrive by September 10, 2023, to:

Grover Baker
James E. Walker Library
MTSU Box 13
1301 East Main Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

If you have any questions, please contact Grover by email or phone (615-494-7784).

Recipients will be notified no later than September 12, 2023, and announced on SEMLA-L immediately thereafter. Please note that SEMLA may elect to pay directly for travel and hotel expenses on the recipient’s behalf and only supply the balance, if any, of an award following the Atlanta meeting. If mileage for a personal vehicle is awarded, it will be paid at the current IRS rate at the time of the conference. (The business standard mileage rate beginning January 1, 2023, is 65.5 cents per mile.)